Two Cameras, One Smartphone


There are a lot of dual camera smartphones on the market. You have probably heard of a few of them, but you may not know what makes dual camera phones so great or what ones are on the market right now. The good news is that there are a ton to choose from and many are going to give you the photos you want.

The LG G5 is a great example of a phone that is in the average cost range and that has the really nice dual camera option. It offers the camera in the back that can be used in two ways and it also gives you a great phone that also gives you a great amount of storage for the cost.

Iphone 7 Plus
One of the most talked about dual camera smartphone options is of course the Iphone 7 Plus. It offers not only a great phone that you would expect from Apple, but it also gives you a camera that can take photos that are almost as good as using a digital camera. They have great depth and are even great looking when you blow them up in size for printing.

Huawei P9 and P9 Plus
Both of these phones are made in China, but they have grown a lot in popularity since coming on the market. They offer a great low price as well as the size you would expect from most smartphones today. The camera takes amazing photos for the brand and stays right up there with the LG and iPhone photos with the dual camera. This is for sure one to watch and try.

Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus
This phone is also made in China, but follows right along with the Huawei in it’s value and ability to do the same things that the other popular smartphones with dual cameras can do. It is a great phone that can take photos with a 13 mp camera in the back. They are made well and work nicely while being very nicely priced.

There are a lot of dual camera smartphones that you can get, but they are not all made the same. That is why it’s so important to spend time finding the right one for your needs. Really look at what you are getting and what you want with a phone that way you will get one that is going to be the best for you.

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