Think You’re Cut Out For Doing Photography? Think Again!


Many people believe that photography is not challenging; all you need is a camera and you just take pictures. Some people may acknowledge that it’s difficult to make a living with photography, but then they complain when prices for a session are too expensive. If you aren’t a photographer, you don’t realize the extreme time and effort that goes into the profession and the other unique challenges associated with it.

Hours of editing

When you’re a photographer, you have to put hours of editing into your photos after taking them. People believe that once you take the pictures, you’re done, and often want to see the photos immediately, not understanding why it’ll take weeks for photos to be ready after the session. When you edit pictures, it’s physically draining because you spend hours staring at the same image, making small changes to create an incredible finished product.

Requests for free services

You’ll likely experience friends and family asking you to take pictures – for free. If someone close to you gets married or has kids, they might ask you to be the photographer for nothing or for a low price. Be firm and explain that you need to make a living from your work and can’t use the supplies and time for only “exposure”.

Difficulty of finding good lighting

Photographers know that there are certain times of day that the lighting for photos is superior. It’s difficult to get this message across to clients when they’re set on shooting at high noon. Learn how to explain the importance of good lighting and what time of day or location is best for your particular shoot.


People thinking they’re pros

Nothing is more annoying than that acquaintance who thinks they’re a professional photographer because they have a smartphone and some photo editing apps. People will look down on your work because they believe anyone with a camera can take quality pictures. Try to hide your irritation.

Stolen photos

If you’re a talented photographer, you’re going to run into people using your photos and not giving you credit. They may do it on accident without realizing the issue it causes, thinking anything found on the internet is fair game,  but a lot of people also take great photos and credit themselves with them, usually because they edited one small detail.


No regular work
As a photographer, work goes in cycles. Unless you work for a large company, you’re on your own and need to find clients and income. You’re responsible for your own benefits and making sure you have sufficient income to cover your bills. It’ll take careful planning to save enough money from peak times to last you through dry spells.

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