Skills To Improve Your Photography


Woman holding camera

It’s a no-brainer that photographers must be skilled at taking pictures. They need to know how to work a camera and change the different settings to best fit their shot. While this skill is arguably the most important to possess as a photographer, there are also many other skills you can cultivate that will drastically improve your photography and help you on your way to success in the photography industry.

Strong editing skills

No matter how skilled your photography is when you first take a picture or how perfect lighting conditions are, you’ll need to have strong editing skills. Sometimes, a picture just comes out a little off in color or lighting and you need to adjust it. In most cases, a little editing goes a long way, no matter how great you think the original picture looks. This skill is especially vital if you photograph people, because they often want any blemishes edited, colors highlighted, and shadows removed. It takes skillful editing to create the images you see in magazines or sold in stores.

Know how to market

Beyond your technical skills with photography, it’s important to know how to get your work out there. Even if photography isn’t your full-time job, it can be a nice side hustle and you’ll make some extra money. It’s also a great hobby to have and can complement many other jobs, such as writing or film. If you want people to see your photos, you need to know how to market your images. Consider reading books on how to improve your marketing technique and look up lots of options online and approaches you can use. Also utilize social media in sharing your pictures.

Work well with people

If you’re a photographer, you’ll be working with other people, even if you’re taking pictures of nature or architecture. You’ll have to deal with co-workers, employees, and clients and it’s important you know how to talk to and work well with others. Hone your communication capabilities and learn how to speak with a client or employer in a way that helps your photography.

Study other photography

Like with anything you’re trying to learn, it’s important to study (and practice) photography. Spend time identifying photographers whose work you greatly admire and check out their photos from time to time. Learn what angles and lighting they use and note what you like and what you dislike. Also find time to get some photography books that you can read up on the best methods and examples of stunning photography.

Start a personal project
Since practice is one of the best ways to get better at something, take time to do it with your photography. If there’s a skill or method you don’t feel incredibly confident in your ability to do, start a personal project. Don’t wait until you have an actual assignment or client to begin experimenting with new skills; start your own project and practice your new skills.