Remembering Legendary Photographer Fred Ward

Known for capturing the images of famous celebrities and Presidents during his time, at the age of 81, Fred Ward died on July 19th due to the effects of Alzheimer’s disease.


Ward left behind a legacy of work that has since affected those who knew him best. As a photographer, Ward had the ability to catch the most intimate moments of history through wide lens frames and influenced a generation of photographers like myself and many others.

fred ward college shot by Charlotte Ward1469228401

fred ward college shot by Charlotte Ward1469228401


fred-ward-obitHis most remarkable image has been dated back to November of 1963 during John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Here Ward captured the raw emotions of his wife Jacqueline moments after this historical tragedy.


Since then, Ward has gone on in photographing civil rights leaders Martin Luther King Jr. and Gloria Richardson along with legendary bandmates the Beatles and Elvis Presley.


Throughout his lifetime, Fred Ward used his images to tell authentic stories from the heart, that caught the world by storm. Many of his images have been featured in Time, Life, Look, BusinessWeek and other magazines. He was also a freelance photographer for National Geographics.


Although Fred Ward will be missed by his family and friends, his work will live on through those who he’s inspired throughout his lengthy career in photography.



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