How to Craft a Stunning Instagram Feed

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media apps since it was released a little over six years ago. Now owned by Facebook, Instagram has over 600 million users. Though many people have an Instagram, few put serious thought into what photos they’re posting.

While it’s sad that an opportunity for incredible photo design is being wasted, many people are becoming intrigued with the idea of creating a personal brand for their Instagram.

Professional photographers use Instagram and some aspiring photographers become well-known through the app. If you’re looking to create a stunning Instagram feed, here are some rules you should definitely follow to craft your look, whether you’re a professional or not.


Always edit your photo

Even if you think your photo looks great as soon as you take it, always apply some filters and editing. No matter how good that picture looks, it will always look better with small (or large) edits. Play around with the manual settings on Instagram that allow you to adjust individual settings, such as contrast, saturation, and brightness, along with many others.


Download apps

While the Instagram app has settings you can control and numerous filters, there are more sophisticated apps available that make editing even better.

Check out this list of apps that will take your Instagram to the next level. Try to experiment with all of them and then choose your favorites to keep and use for your own photos.


Have a color palette

When you’re developing your personal style of photography, it’s important to stick with a color scheme. Choose the colors that you think to go best with what you’re going to be showing (start with thinking whether you want darker or lighter colors) and work from there.

When crafting your feed, avoid putting colors that clash together or colors that don’t send a consistent message. Here’s some general advice (it’s directed more toward branding, but it can be used for photography and design too).


Plan out your feed

As you post photos, think about what you’ve already posted. What pictures are going to be next to each other in your feed on your profile?

You want borders to complement one another and you don’t want pictures with too much going on immediately next to each other. Maybe you want a minimalist picture next to a busier one; pay attention to these details before you post your next photo and make sure you like the way the photos will look together.


Pay attention to the lighting

Any photographer knows the vital importance of using good lighting when taking photos. This rule doesn’t change for Instagram. When you take a photo for the site, make sure you’re getting good lighting in the photo, so there aren’t too many shadows or it isn’t overexposed.

If you take a lot of pictures of objects, it’s a good idea to invest in a poster board background or sheet you can drape over surfaces, to make your objects pop.