Exclusive Candid: 2016 New EOS M Camera Coming Soon

The DSLR world is huge. There are many cameras out there from different brands that promise to provide the photographer and the filmmaker with the perfect shot.  Currently, mirror – less digital cameras are becoming popular. Mirror – less cameras are becoming popular because they are smaller and more compact than DSLRs and they work almost exactly the same as a DSLR. A mirror – less digital camera gives the user the high quality images and videos without the bulkiness of a DSLR. There is one camera that is having everyone talking. That device is the EOS M  Digital Camera by Canon.

The EOS M Digital Camera by Canon is very similar to the EOS 650D but it is simpler. The EOS M has a simple interface and it’s the perfect introduction for novice photographers. The EOS M comes in a kit. Two lenses come with the camera including, EF M 18-55 lens and the EF M 22m lens. While this camera has its own dedicated lens kit, the existing canon lenses that are used for all of their DSLRs can be used on the EOS M with a newly released adapter. The body of the EOS M is made of magnesium alloy which allows it to be a compact device. The body comes on four colors, black, silver, red, and white. It has a 18MP Hybrid CMOS sensor. It does not have a built-in flash but it features a hot shoe plate where an external flash can be installed.

The EOS M Digital Camera makes recording video a breeze. When in the movie mode, the digital camera features continuous auto focus and it also tracks subjects. It has 4.3 frames per second in continuous shooting and 3 frames per second in auto focus tracking. The EOS M also can record in 1080p and it can record in 30p or 24p. The camera has an external microphone port and a 14 bit DIGIC5  processor. The camera has a large touchscreen and minimal buttons, making this device as simple as it can be. Photographers can use the touchscreen for everything from the modes for photography to the exposure of the image. It also has an exposure mode dial that is standard in all Canon cameras. It is the ideal camera for a beginner in the field of photography and filmmaking. It has all the bells and whistles of a typical Canon camera but in a smaller, more compact unit. It has the ability to do a range of things and really provide quality images and videos.

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