Author: Mike Fazelian

The Photo Ark Project

Joel Sartore is a photographer for the National Geographic. So far, he’s captured over 6,000 animals in captivity on camera and he’s not anywhere close to done. He’s visited over 40 countries to capture these stunning photos, with animals of all kinds. These photographs have all been for something called: the Photo Ark Project. What is it? The Photo Ark… Read more →

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Exclusive Candid: 2016 New EOS M Camera Coming Soon

The DSLR world is huge. There are many cameras out there from different brands that promise to provide the photographer and the filmmaker with the perfect shot.  Currently, mirror – less digital cameras are becoming popular. Mirror – less cameras are becoming popular because they are smaller and more compact than DSLRs and they work almost exactly the same as… Read more →

Inspirational Photographers Who Changed the Game of Photography

  Photography as an art form is the process by which photographers are able to alter the appearance and interpretation of a subject with the use of a camera. This is done through methods that include altering the actual photograph, carefully choosing the way the subject is photographed, and by seeking out unique and moving subjects. Three of the most… Read more →