American Culture and Photography


Photography is a wonderful medium for expressing ideas and emotions. People all over the world use photography to document events and photographers have captured some of the most moving images of our time. For every major event, there are photographers there taking pictures they will later share with the world. Photography is a way to capture a moment and show what it was really like. Because it has this feature, photography reflects culture and lets others know what a certain area is like. Modern photography reflects American life in a definite way and it would be difficult to capture without being able to take pictures.

How can it capture culture?

While it can be difficult to pin down the culture of an area, particularly in America, photography makes this challenging task much easier. Through photography, images of American life can be captured that give clear indications of the culture. There are different cultures all over the country, which makes up the overarching concept of American culture; it’s a melting pot of many different cultures. Photographers can go to various parts of the country, for example, the Midwest and New York City, and capture the unique cultures of those areas. Photography captures the people and places and presents the culture by taking live photos of the types of clothes people wear, the events and places they frequently go to, and also the types of food they eat.
More and more people take pictures than ever before, thanks to the invention of smartphones. While those people are certainly not professional photographs, these pictures still capture culture. By browsing through Instagram or Facebook, you’ll see hundreds of photos chronicling Americans’ activities. People love to record what they’re doing in their day-to-day lives and this type of photography allows you to get an insight on culture that has never really been possible before. Some people document their entire days, sharing their specific culture with the entire world. A type of photography that is a symbol of culture itself is the selfie, which has become increasingly popular and can be interpreted as showing American culture’s focus on the self and individuality.