Mike Fazelian

Mike Fazelian is an accomplished photographer and videographer based in Los Angeles. He has refined his skills over the past decade into a fulfilling profession. Mike approaches his work in a journalistic manner and specializes in portrait, landscape, family, travel, and product photography. He also partners closely with a group of creative individuals to implement any design or video requirements. He values the importance of a shared vision prior to beginning a project. One of Mike’s favorite aspects of photography includes creating images that are impactful and expressive. Every image he captures aims to evoke an emotion and encompasses a story. Mike’s father is one of his greatest influences guiding his artistic direction. Together they have traveled around the world to countries such as England, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Greece, Turkey, and Egypt.

Originally from Chicago, Mike Fazelian attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he obtained a degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences. During this time, he received a number of awards and recognitions. These include the Senior 100 Honorary, which recognizes outstanding graduating students for their academic achievements, engagement, service, and demonstrated leadership. Mike was also on the Dean’s List, and participated in the James Scholar Honors Program, which encourages academically gifted students to fully develop their intellectual abilities and achieve the college’s highest academic recognition. Mike was also a member of Kappa Delta Rho, a fraternity with 37 active chapters across the country.

Mike Fazelian first became interested in photography as a teenager. He took an elective course in high school, which further developed into a passion. He persisted along this path while enrolled in University, taking a World Cinema course.  It was there that he made lifelong friends who were also enthusiastic about filmmaking.

Mike Fazelian appreciates the collaborative aspect of filmmaking.

Mike and his team maintain a cohesive vision throughout their projects to ensure success. Every individual involved is eager to make sacrifices for the artistic product. They are all determined and focused on one unified goal. Mike is not only inspired by the story, but also by the storyteller.

Mike has enjoyed transitioning towards increasingly narrative projects, and considers himself fortunate to have worked alongside extraordinary colleagues. “Signed: For Those About to Rock” (2008) is a documentary screened at The Sacramento Film & Music Festival. Mike Fazelian served as the Executive Producer. The film examines several aspects of the music industry including record labels, radio, and technology. It also encourages artists and consumers to make perceptive decisions.

Artists hoping to sign with a major label learn about the advantages and disadvantages. The filmmakers explain why radio stations incessantly play the same songs. The audience learns how technology is altering the way in which content is created and distributed. Major labels are covered initially, exploring their dominating role within the industry.  Independent labels are compared, and discuss how they provide artists with greater freedom. The radio is covered next, examining some of the business models they utilize. The Internet and downloading preferences of consumers are also further discussed. The film concludes with some final thoughts on the state of the music industry.

“The Conversationalist” (2011) is a narrative short that screened at the New Arts Film Festival. Mike Fazelian served as the Producer. The protagonist is a callous assassin who must ultimately choose between retribution and love.

“Academic Integrity” (2012) is a narrative short that screened at the Holly Shorts Film Festival. Mike Fazelian served as the Executive Producer. The plot revolves around a group of college students facing a dilemma that jeopardizes their careers.

During his free time, Mike Fazelian enjoys going to concerts, film festivals, the beach, and spending time with family and friends. He also has a dog that never runs out of energy.